Sending you our families gratitude and a heartfelt thank you for the wonderful care that you provided for our mom. We were so comfortable and relaxed when we knew your caregivers were with mom. The level of care that your team provided for mom and to our family was five star! Your caregivers were like surrogate family members. We appreciate all of you... from the office staff to the caregivers. Stacey, you were beyond wonderful! You were always there for us. Always understanding. Always approachable. Never impatient with our concerns or worries and addressed all issues with a sense of urgency, concern, compassion and immediacy. LoveWell Home Care is very lucky to have you on their staff and we are blessed to have you in our lives. I hope we continue to be in each other's lives even without our professional relationship. We are so thankful for LoveWell and your care taking for mom. She is doing great in her new environment. With heartfelt gratitude and thanks.

– Carolyn


I wanted to send you a heartfelt thank you for the care you provided to our mother. My father was vigilant in making sure that the facility in which they were residing provided proper care. Once he passed, mom started being neglected and the proper care wasn't being provided. Once we employed your services I began to feel that mom was finally being cared for again. Caregivers were caring, concerned and conscientious in taking care of her. LoveWell Home Care made sure that all her personal needs were met, medication was disseminated, reported any signs of illness and reported concerns to the family as well as to the facility. Several went the extra mile by sending photos of mom to the family, bringing her flowers or her favorite desserts!! Your website was beneficial to all the family and especially to those who lived out of town/state. To be able to hear the daily reports by the caregivers was comforting and informational. The office staff at LoveWell was professional, accommodating, friendly, caring and always accessible. Everyone truly cared about mom, her personal well being and expressed that repeatedly. A special thanks to Stacey for ALWAYS being there for us 24/7. She was outstanding with her communication, compassion and deep regard for our mothers' care and well being. She is a tremendous asset to LoveWell and a "blessing" to the families she works with! LoveWell was a blessing and a lifesaver to our mom and our family. Heartfelt thanks.

– Linda


It's hard to speak of our experience with LoveWell Home Care without sounding like a paid advertisement. I have had exposure to several similar companies, offering the same types of services. LoveWell is in a class by itself. They provided care for our 89 year old mother, (who needed extensive help with all activities of daily living) for seven months. It is obvious immediately, when dealing with the owner, Kristin, any of the administrative staff, and any one of the care givers, that this is more than a company, more than a job, for it's employees. It's a calling. They genuinely cared about our mother, as well as for her, as if she was family. Anyone who is in the position of needing to hire outside help for a loved one knows what an important - and difficult decision that is. LoveWell's professional, skilled staff repeatedly demonstrated their competence and compassion, and our mother's condition improved significantly as a result. LoveWell gave us invaluable peace of mind, knowing that our mother was in the best of hands - when she couldn't be in ours.

– Cathy C.


I'd like to say how impressed I am with LoveWell Home Care. Your care for Anna has been top notch in every way. I especially appreciate the careful attention you gave to matching the personality and style of your caregiver to that of Anna and the time you took to get to know her and her special needs. It has made all the difference in the world that Anna feels special and likes (therefore cooperates!) with her caregiver. I also appreciate your prompt response to emergency needs, as well as the sensitive, dependable, and consistent quality care you give on a regular basis. I commend you highly and would gladly recommend you to any family needing home care.

– Marybeth L., Pleasant Ridge, MI


Since LoveWell Home Care has taken over the caregiving for my Dad, he is much happier and agreeable. Dad calls the LoveWell Ladies his Guardian Angels!

– Rosemarie, Farmington HIlls, MI


My Mother suffers from Alzheimer's and lives in an assisted living facility. Last year, my Mom fell and was at a rehabilitation facility for several weeks. When she returned to her apartment in AL, she had difficulty in adjusting back to her surroundings and was simply sleeping day and night, not eating, etc. She seemed to be declining quickly. We decided to bring in a companion/caregiver from LoveWell Home Care, and it was the best decision we could have made. After a few months, we decided to increase the number of hours of the caregiver. Knowing that my Mom is with loving and caring people throughout the day gives me peace of mind. We know her caregiver will gently wake her, bathe, dress her and assist with mealtime. The caregiver will also take her to the various activities at the facility and get her engaged. The staff has even taken my Mom to the mall/store just to get her out of the building. My Mom used to be very social and to have someone with her throughout the day, even for small-talk, has been so good for her. The caregivers have helped my Mom on so many levels, always with patience and a smile. Kristin, the owner, has been wonderful to work with as well. She is very compassionate and has made suggestions to make my Mom more comfortable. My number one goal is to give my Mom the best quality of life during this confusing and difficult time. With the help of the staff at LoveWell Home Care, this has been possible, and I thank all of them who have touched my Mom's life over this past year.

– Anonymous